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Debate test?  +
Does God exist?  +
Does being on the left necessarily mean being in favor of mass immigration?  +
Faced with the climate emergency, should we wait for everything to collapse?  +
Is Ecosia an eco-friendly search engine?  +
Is it necessary to boost the birth rate in France?  +
Is it necessary to elect a representative people's assembly accessible to all?  +
Is there such a thing as a national identity?  +
Should all drugs be decriminalized?  +
Should artificial wombs be authorized?  +
Should lunar resources be exploited?  +
Should the Académie française be dissolved?  +
Should the Lyon-Turin transalpine rail link be built?  +
Should the minimum wage be raised?  +
Should the police be abolished?  +
Should we accept immigration?  +
Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence?  +
Should we boycott Facebook?  +
Should we boycott GAFAM?  +
Should we debate with the enemy?  +