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"National identity" is a fuzzy notion, just as foggy as "soul".  +
A God in the image of man is too human to be credible  +
A Google search consumes less CO2 than an Ecosia search  +
A necessary being can only give rise to a contingent universe  +
A universe made from nothing is possible, says Lawrence Krauss  +
All left-wing parties are relatively pro-immigration  +
An argument from authority is not proof  +
An election campaign followed by an election are combined with a draw.  +
An immaterial point is an abstraction, and an abstraction cannot cause anything.  +
Argument test  +
Argument test 2  +
Arguments for the existence of God are all argumentative biases  +
As long as we're not personally affected, we're not going to change anything.  +
Atheism posits a primordial energy whose origin it can never explain.  +
Atheists claim that the universe before the Planck Wall is impossible to describe, not that it came out of "nothing".  +
Because the universe is contingent, it has a cause  +
Before you can explain a phenomenon, you must first prove that it exists.  +
Being a scientist doesn't make you immune to obscurantism  +
Beware of analogies used to show the existence of a god  +
Can be used to elect a constituent assembly and/or an assembly to replace the senate.  +