A company that is strong and sure of its fundamentals is not threatened by the Other.

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Keywords: declinism, decline, decadence, collapse, Crisis, mass immigration, immigration, moral crisis, Onfray, Houellebecq, West, Europe, foresight[ edit ].


A strong society has enough confidence in its values, its way of life, its cohesion, not to feel threatened by the arrival of newcomers or other cultures. Europeans are disoriented, they've "lost faith", something has broken. From such an observation, we can assume a kind of end of the European world, like Onfray or Houellebecq.

Alternatively, we could propose to rediscover the intellectual and cultural foundations that would restore Europeans' confidence in their culture and its ability to embrace differences. As Carlo Strenger puts it, we need to "return to the Enlightenment". On the contrary, by rediscovering the fundamental principles on which our societies are based, we'll gain in confidence and strength, which in turn will lead to a more serene approach to the Other.



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