A whole section of the left has become the useful idiot of globalist capitalism and is supported by finance and GAFAM.

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Argument againstThis argument is an objection to It's the left that's truly anti-capitalist.
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In the United States, the Democratic left is largely supported by finance and GAFAM. As for French big business, it has been up in arms against the RN for years. As Michéa has shown, a large part of the left has become liberal and allied with the liberals. They would have us believe that those who oppose globalization and mass migration are fascists, but this is nothing more than a political strategy to neutralize the reactions of the working classes.


“Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for the White House, has received more than $74 million in contributions from financial institutions or Wall Street personalities for the 2020 campaign, according to data from Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) , an independent institute specializing in political finance analysis. The President of the United States (Trump) has raised just over $18 million from the financial community, four times less than his rival.”

Author not entered, “Wall Street gave four times more money to Biden than to Trump”, Les Echos, 28/10/2020.



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  • Argument againstThe far-right's proposals to curb immigration are cruel and ineffective, and therefore racist.
  • Argument againstSocial networks profit from hate and harassment
  • Argument againstThe financing of the Democratic Party by the money powers is a blight on Democratic voters themselves.
  • Argument againstThe far right has no interest in tackling the causes of migration
  • Argument againstThe bourgeoisie is a historic ally of identitarians
  • Argument againstMany allegations of censorship are fake news

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