Emigration is a wrench, and a left-wing policy is to reduce North/South inequalities so that people in the South don't need to emigrate.

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Argument againstThis argument is a “con” argument in the debate Does being on the left necessarily mean being in favor of mass immigration?.
Keywords: mass immigration, immigration, co-development, development, Third World, Southern countries, Africa[ edit ].


A common myth propagated by pure demagogy claims that the left and NGOs want as many migrants as possible. Yet the latter are the very first to regret that people need to migrate, while recognizing that any policy other than tackling the roots of immigration is barbaric as well as ineffective.


“It's an astonishing new position, to say the least. Interviewed on RTL this Friday morning, Jean-Luc Mélenchon felt that welcoming refugees was "not the answer to the problem". "True realism means blocking the causes of departure. It's not about preventing people from arriving, it's about dissuading them from leaving," he insisted. "The French are more intelligent than their elites think. They've understood perfectly well, they're all in favor of welcoming refugees today - and I say we have to do it because we have no choice, we're not going to throw them back into the sea! But people [...] know that if we start like this we'll have to continue year after year, and that makes no sense!" alarmed the former presidential candidate, while France has pledged to take in 24,000 refugees over two years.”

Author not entered, “For Mélenchon, accepting refugees is "not the answer to the problem".”, Le Figaro, 11/09/2015.



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  • Argument forThe idea that the left is in favor of mass immigration is fake news propagated by the far right

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