There's also a trend on the left against immigration

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Argument againstThis argument is a “con” argument in the debate Does being on the left necessarily mean being in favor of mass immigration?.
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“In the early 1920s, the CGT obtained a right of review to prevent foreign competition in the labor market. In 1931, the SFIO proposed a law to protect the French workforce, with most articles restricting employers' actions. In 1948, the CGT noted that employers were hiring more and more illegal workers. Fearing the division of workers and the exploitation of immigrants, it called for a halt to immigration[3]. This was the consequence of the policy of the government of Robert Schumann (November 24, 1947 - July 19, 1948), a right-wing man and one of the founding fathers of European construction, who, with the circular of December 12, 1947, opened the border to Italians to send them to work in the mines, and accepted without batting an eyelid to send illegal immigrants to work where labor was in short supply. From 1948 to 1961, the CGT systematically called for immigration restrictions. In 1958, faced with the increase in the number of workers, the CGT called for union control and reintegration into the ONI. In 1963, the CGT supported the principle of controlled immigration, while the PCF also advocated immigration control and the closure of borders to foreign workers. In 1966, Communist senators put forward a bill on immigration, declaring themselves hostile to the free movement of workers within the EEC, and expressing their concern about the scale of illegal immigration. They reaffirmed the role of the ONI as the only body competent to introduce new foreign workers. In 1973, the CGT, PCF and FO declared that one million seven hundred thousand foreign workers "should not be exceeded under any circumstances"[4]. Georges Marchais, in a speech on February 21, 1981, declared: "It is inadmissible to allow new immigrant workers into France, when our country has almost two million unemployed French and immigrants". And yet, of course, the labor movement has not always been hostile to immigration.”

Author not entered, “Immigration and employers, a history of French politics”, Le Monde moderne, 1/07/2021.


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