The fight against the extreme right is often misused as a useful tool for globalization.

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Globalist capitalists want to create a large European market and open the EU's borders to people. Just as French bosses demanded more immigration from Giscard in the 1970s, today's bosses want a liberal world, with free movement of capital, goods and people. So they label all those who oppose this capitalist project as "racists" and "reactionaries". They use far-left movements as useful idiots for their agenda. It's no coincidence that Soros funds pro-migrant NGOs, that employers make statements against the RN, and that the most capitalist and globalist leaders fight against any sovereignist movement.


“[...] of course, the FN is silent on the responsibility of big business, which went looking for these foreigners in their countries of origin. No class analysis, of course, and consequently nothing on the processes of exploitation that exacerbate inequalities between immigrants and nationals. The Socialist Party, for its part, has become the shield of neoliberal capitalism. After burying Marxism and the class struggle, and converting to the market economy, the left-wing hegemony of the PS has rendered any criticism of immigration as "far-right". In total opposition to the FN, immigration is defended as an enrichment for the country, ignoring the reasons and responsibilities behind migration, as with its adversary. From now on, it's all about morality and individuals. Finally, we mustn't forget that labor immigration has been replaced by family immigration, the main source of immigration with few or no qualifications. The new waves of immigration bring with them a workforce that has to compete with previous waves of immigration.

Finding a new paradigm'

While France has hovered between 8% and 10% unemployment for the past 30 years, the MEDEF continues to advocate the recruitment of foreigners[13][14][15]. The political refugee is also seen from an economic angle[16]. The hiring of illegal immigrants is encouraged by the European Commission, trade unions and employers via the French Office for Immigration and Integration[17]. It is much in demand in the hotel industry[18].”

Author not entered, “Immigration and employers, a history of French politics”, Le Monde moderne, 1/07/2021.


Arguments forJustifications

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstThe far-right's proposals to curb immigration are cruel and ineffective, and therefore racist.
  • Argument againstThe far right has no interest in tackling the causes of migration
  • Argument againstPresenting the ultra-right as anti-capitalist and anti-globalist is a sham
  • Argument againstEmigration is a wrench, and a left-wing policy is to reduce North/South inequalities so that people in the South don't need to emigrate.
  • Argument againstIt's ridiculous to accuse associations dedicated to the duty of remembrance of complicity with capitalism.
  • Argument againstThe anti-woke are the useful idiots of the thirst for power and profit of a few oligarchs.
  • Argument againstRejection of immigration is a form of resignation that absolves those truly responsible for France's economic and social crisis.
  • Argument againstIt's not up to the far right itself to define what constitutes a "fight against the rogue far right".

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