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Wikidebates logo on the right, pictograms of pros and cons topics on the left

Book symbolizing an encyclopedia Wikidebates is an encyclopedia

Wikidebates gathers knowledge, presented in a simple, synthetic and organized manner.

Because even if we can find everything or almost everything on the Internet, the information we dispose of is scattered around the four corners of the Web, and is rarely brought together in an organized way.

Balance of reason, weighing the pro and con Wikidebates is an encyclopedia of debates

Contrary to Wikipedia, the pages of Wikidebates don’t give information about any and all subjects, but about debates, questions that we can respond to with arguments.

Because no specific resource specific to debates that allows each individuel to form his or her own informed opinion on a given topic of debate exists.

Hammer symbolizing argumentation Wikidebates gathers arguments

Each debate page describes all the arguments for and against a given issue, as well as the objections that can be made against these arguments.

Because the best way to form an opinion is to know the arguments and the counter-arguments to the different positions.

Symbol of wiki Wikidebates is a wiki

The content of the encyclopedia comes from its users who can modify and enrich the pages in all simplicity.

Because establishing such an encyclopedia is a colossal task, which requires collaboration.

Symbol of free license Wikidebates is freely diffused and modified

All the content of the encyclopedia is placed under a Creative Commons license authorizing the diffusion and modification.

Because a collaborative encyclopedia is the fruit of the labors of all, and knowledge is to be shared.

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