The Big Bang is not an absolute singularity, but a phase from which science can say nothing.

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
Argument againstThis argument is an objection to The universe began to exist with the Big Bang.
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“The authors report that modern cosmology "implies that the universe had a beginning", supporting a Creation story and the existence of a Creator. This is false: the big bang theory suggests that the universe occupies an ever denser and hotter state as we go back in time, so that it reaches regimes of density and temperature where our current understanding of physics no longer applies. Then science ceases to be predictive, and any scientific statement about a beginning can only be an uncertain extrapolation. But never mind, Messrs Bolloré and Bonnassies are selling the bear's skin: we've found the original point.”

Raphaël Duqué, “"The book 'God, science, evidence' serves science and faith"”, La Croix, 4/01/2022.


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