That Noah and his family built the ark in such a short space of time is just as unlikely as the fact that they called on additional manpower.

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“For the record, including Noah, his wife and sons, that's 8 pelos to build the biggest wooden boat in human history. Of course, at first sight, as they have 100 years ahead of them to do it (don't look now, Noah lived for a thousand years), it would seem almost possible, but that would be forgetting that the construction of wooden warships in the time of Louis XIV, for example (boats up to 80m long), required at the very least 3 years' work for 300 experienced workers. Thanks to my incredible mental arithmetic skills at primary school level, reduced to 8 glandus, this gives 112.5 years' work for a boat almost twice as small as the Ark.

Fortunately, creationists have an explanation for this too: "Noah could very well have recruited people to help him, you big loser! Ah, right, but in that case that makes Noah the best liar and biggest asshole in human history :

  • Yo Noé! I've got nothing against working for you for nothing, you've got a good head and all, but, I was wondering, why do you want to build a floating zoo on dry land, miles from the first river?
  • Well, first of all, it's not a floating zoo, it's a magic barge, you loser! Secondly, I do what I want, I'm the boss, so get back to work or you'll end up on Assedics, which doesn't exist yet, and you'll be in deep shit!”
Author not entered, “Noah's Ark is just a load of rubbish!”,


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