The Flood story is riddled with inconsistencies, making it highly improbable.

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Between the verses that contradict each other, the "plot holes", the elements that disregard the laws of physics and biology, the lack of internal coherence is more than enough to refute the story.



Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forCreationists denied the existence of dinosaurs for a long time, then turned around when they became fashionable.
  • Argument forAt no point does the flood story explain why God destroys all the animals not on the ark, when it's only man he's after.
  • Argument forGod considers Noah to be "just and honest", even though the 10 Commandments - or Christian morality - do not yet exist.
  • Argument forGiven the dimensions indicated in the flood account, it is highly unlikely that the ark could have floated.
  • Argument forThe exact nature of the animals to be loaded into the ark varies from verse to verse.
  • Argument forThat Noah and his family built the ark in such a short space of time is just as unlikely as the fact that they called on additional manpower.
  • Argument forGiven the living conditions inside the ark, the animals wouldn't have survived very long.

Arguments againstObjections

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