In 1952 NATO integrated Turkey, a country that has always refused to recognize the Armenian genocide.

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The Armenian genocide was on everyone's mind, and for good reason: at the Nuremberg trials, we discovered a sentence uttered by Hitler - or by a Nazi leader, we weren't absolutely sure - on August 22, 1939, intended to justify the Führer's next crimes in Poland: "Who is still talking today about the extermination of the Armenians? "The legal establishment of the crime of genocide owes much to this phrase. The impunity and oblivion of the 1915 genocide was seen as having encouraged the genocides of 1939-1945. For NATO countries to accept Turkey's perpetual denial of the Armenian genocide was tantamount to condoning it, and risking the programming of other genocides that any criminal group could deny.



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  • Argument forTo obtain Sweden's entry into NATO, Westerners agree to hand over Kurdish opponents to Turkish dictator Erdogan

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