NATO's "democracies" have no problem with dictatorships that serve their interests.

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“Since decolonization, France has sent its army to Africa dozens of times, but nowhere has it curbed underdevelopment or established democracy and security. As long as the clique chosen by the Élysée Palace is in power, and French bourgeois business flourishes, the French state puts up with the worst dictatorships.”

Nathalie Arthaud, Communist, revolutionary, internationalist!, The right characters, 2022.



Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forWhen NATO was born in 1949, one of the twelve signatories to the charter was Antonio de Olivarro de Salazar.
  • Argument forIn 1952 NATO integrated Turkey, a country that has always refused to recognize the Armenian genocide.
  • Argument forIn 1952, Greece joined NATO despite a domestic ban on its Communist Party.
  • Argument forNATO allowed the semi-authoritarian Greece of 1952 to become the dictatorship of the colonels between 1967 and 1974.
  • Argument forThe USA didn't lift a finger when South Korea became authoritarian following the 1961 coup d'état.
  • Argument forUkraine glorifies its former collaborators with Nazi Germany
  • Argument forNATO countries supported Putin when his actions served their interests
  • Argument forWestern "democracies" have no problem supporting or even provoking coups d'état in favor of leaders who serve their interests.
  • Argument forFrance has kept the Chadian dictator Idriss Déby in place to safeguard its interests there.
  • Argument forThe USA has no problem supporting dictatorships that serve its interests.

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