Given the living conditions inside the ark, the animals wouldn't have survived very long.

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Saching that the journey lasted over a year (371 days), Noé had to organize himself and his family to feed and care for the animals, and then (again) the drama began. Problem 1: How to prevent the animals from having chocapics, and thus avoid rapid overpopulation of the ark? Left unchecked, Noah would soon have had a huge invasion of rats, termites and clapworms on his hands. And even with a divine IUD, some extremely short-lived creatures wouldn't have been able to survive the trip without copulating right and left (scientific term for putting a dick in), so how do you choose who has sex and who doesn't?

Problem 2: Food, even pretending to believe that the ark is big enough (which it isn't), would have been very problematic for carnivores who eat fresh flesh (and no, sorry, you don't feed a lion freeze-dried meat). In a matter of days, the starving beasts would have eaten each other.

Problem 3: The monstrous stock of fresh water (because well, water full of volcanic fumes and sludge outside is strongly discouraged by the vets), who's watching that algae doesn't grow in it or that it doesn't stagnate in the Ark's confined environment?

Problem 4 : 8 pelos to manage 16,000 animals (minimum if we accept the theory of creavolution)”

Author not entered, “Noah's Ark is just a load of rubbish!”,


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