The sensation of leaving one's body is produced by stimulation of the right parietal cortex.

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“many scientists agree that dysfunction of the whole brain, and in particular the right parietal cortex, is responsible for this out-of-body sensation. In 2011, Olaf Blank, a neuroscience researcher at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), explained in an article published by the American Center for Biotechnology Information that he had induced an out-of-body sensation in a patient by stimulating different regions of her brain before an operation. "The brain activity linked to these bodily sensations was focused in the parietal cortex, a brain region well known for its role in body image formation", commented Angela Sirigu, a neuroscience researcher at CNRS, in Le Monde (paid article), in 2013.”

Louis San, “[article Near-death experience: what does science have to say?]”, France info, 12/10/2014.


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