The racist nature of the double standard when it comes to welcoming refugees is reflected in its very justification

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Using alleged cultural proximity to justify a better welcome than for other nationalities can only be qualified as racist, in addition to the obvious cynicism of the posture, since it amounts to saying "those people don't have the same culture as us, so we'll let them die".


“From the very first days of the war, the Old Continent opened its doors wide to millions of Ukrainian exiles, in an outpouring of hospitality that would make refugees from Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan pale in comparison. Ukrainians "look like us," justified one British editorialist, (...) they watch Netflix, have Instagram accounts, vote in free elections and read uncensored newspapers (1).”

Benoît Bréville, “If all lives were equal...”, Le Monde Diplomatique, january 2024.


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