The racism of the far right is more "smoothed out", but still very much present

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“The primitive racism that established a hierarchy of races based on "biological" precepts is no longer relevant, at least not openly.

It was initially replaced by a more politically correct form of racism, aimed not at asserting the superiority of one "race" over another, but rather the obvious incompatibility between two "cultures".

But that was before! Since then, after "biological racism", in addition to "cultural racism", a new form of racism has emerged: "socio-economic racism". In the name of safeguarding our social protection model, it has become legitimate to reject the Other.

And yet, since the end of legal immigration in 1974, the right to asylum has become a real obstacle course, and even within the Schengen area, nationals can only stay in a country for more than three months if they have obtained a work permit... and a job. In short, the claim that immigration poses a threat to our social system is simply unfounded. It's nothing more than a ploy to manipulate public opinion!”

Author not entered, “Sales pitch”, Association Triangle Rouge.


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