The far right has no interest in tackling the causes of migration

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Argument againstThis argument is a “con” argument in the debate Does being on the left necessarily mean being in favor of mass immigration?.
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The extreme right's position on the migration crisis is not lacking in cynicism. It plays an active role in nurturing the causes of the migratory crisis, and then feeds its main victims to public opinion by making them the scapegoats for all society's misfortunes, while passing the buck to the left.


“For the PTB, there can only be a solution to the migratory crises if we tackle the causes: the wars waged by Belgium and its allies, the trade treaties in favor of European multinationals that are destroying local economies in Africa, and global warming, for which Western multinationals are the main culprits. Yet tackling the causes is the great taboo of the political debate on migration. A taboo that [the Flemish far-right does not want] to lift, as it would call into question their participation in NATO wars and their lack of ambition in tackling climate change.”

Author not entered, “Migration pact: the position of the PTB”, Belgian Labour Party, December 7, 2018.



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  • Argument forAmong those co-responsible for the migratory crisis is a certain Vincent Bolloré.

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