The argument that God does not exist because there is no first instant of time commits the same error as Zeno's paradox.

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
Argument againstThis argument is an objection to There is no first instant of time.
Keywords: Cosmological argument, First cause, God, Past, Infinity, Zeno's paradoxes[ edit ].



“This argument is in fact a new version of Zeno's paradox, which we have already encountered when examining the "kalam" argument. It seems to us to be, at least in principle, the solution proposed by J.-M. Leblond in "The Unbegun Big Bang" [...] It [this proposal] consists in changing the scale of measurement of time to make the point of origin move back indefinitely. This solution seems to us "Zenonian" in that it retains the idea of a beginning while asserting that it is infinitely distant. Either the time segments are of decreasing duration as we move backwards, and we are exactly in Zeno's case; or the segments are of equal size, and we are in a case of infinite traversal with a starting point.”

Frédéric Guillaud, God exists, p.229-230, Éditions du Cerf, Paris, 2013.


  • William Lane Craig, “Creation and Big Bang Cosmology”.

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