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Warning-flag.svgTitle warnings

If the title of the argument is problematic, notify readers by checking the corresponding box(es):
  • Disadvantageous title: the title presents the argument in a lacunary or caricatured way;
  • Unclear title: the title is confusing, jargon, too allusive or telegraphic;
  • Incomplete title: the title is ambiguous or incomprehensible on its own;
  • Title too long: the title contains several sentences or is generally too developed.

Warning-flag.svgArgument warnings

If certain aspects of the argument are problematic, notify readers by checking the corresponding box(es):
  • Sensitive argument if it exposes arguments that may shock;
  • Fanciful argument if its presence in the public space is not obvious;
  • Potentially illegal argument if you believe it violates the law.

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