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The '''constructed debates''' are the debates that contain: * an '''introduction''' which defines the main terms of the debate, its main actors, its topicality and its issues; * an '''argument map'''; * an ''ideally exhaustive inventory'' of the "for" and "against" arguments, their justifications and objections; * a clear and orderly "outline" of the arguments of the debate; * clear and concise ''headlines''; * if necessary, ''summaries'' of clear and concise arguments; * a '''bibliography''', a '''webliography''' and a '''videography''' synthetic and ideally representative of the main positions; * if possible, a list of major '''related debates'''; * and an appropriate '''categorization''' of the debate.  +
The '''debate drafts''' are the pages that contain more or less organized ''lists of arguments''. They correspond to the first phase of listing the arguments, once the subject of the debate has been defined.  +
The '''debates under construction''' are the debates which contain at least: * a coherent plan; * the most well-known “for” and “against” arguments; * a beginning of writing. ''Unlike [[:Category:Constructed debates|constructed debates]], it may lack: arguments, justifications, objections; a successful introduction, a bibliography, a sitography or an adequate videography.''  +