Migrants come to Europe because of imperialist wars and the plundering of their countries, so it's only right to welcome them.

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Argument forThis argument is a “pro” argument in the debate Does being on the left necessarily mean being in favor of mass immigration?.
Keywords: immigration, massive immigration, North/South imbalance, Pillage of the Third World, Unequal exchange, Africa, Wars in Africa, Neo-colonialism, Decolonization, Refugees, Migrants[ edit ].


Europe and the USA are provoking wars and fanning the flames all over Africa. They also happily plunder the natural resources of these countries via multinationals, which take the lion's share by paying low prices for these resources. Finally, capitalist countries support dictators who oppress and despoil their already disinherited peoples, when they haven't installed them in power. All these conditions lead to the migration of populations who can't take it anymore and risk death. Then Europe and the rich countries take offense, wanting to close their borders to these people they themselves have forced to migrate!

The simplest form of humanism is to welcome these migrants, however numerous they may be, in the hope that this will more or less remedy the intolerable situations they have created.


“Fatou Diome sets the record straight, reminding us of the weight of colonization and the "systematic plundering of resources" in the persistent disparities in wealth between Europe and Africa, but also, and above all, of the "current and continuing responsibility of European states, which support corrupt regimes that hinder the development of African countries".”

Clemence Bodoc, “Let's talk about immigration! - Fatou Diome's rant”, Madmoizelle.com, Apr 28, 2015.


Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forImperialist powers provoke wars in poor countries
  • Argument forNorthern powers happily plunder Africa's resources
  • Argument forCapitalist powers support corrupt and despotic regimes that force many to leave poor African countries
  • Argument forGiving migrants access to European social benefits is a form of redistribution on a global scale.
  • Argument forClimate refugees are caused by industrial development in Europe and the USA

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstDecolonization took place more than 50 years ago, and the former colonizing countries are not responsible for what is happening in the countries of the South.
  • Argument againstMany economic and political disorders are due to the independent rulers of the countries of the South, and Europe should not have to suffer the consequences.
  • Argument againstEurope is not responsible for religious or ethnic conflicts in Africa or the Middle East
  • Argument againstAfrica's demographic explosion is impeding its economic development, not Europe's.

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