Jihadist terrorism is the product of imperialist wars and order

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Keywords: terrorism, jihadism, product, imperialism, military intervention[ edit ].


Assuming that the war in Iraq was really motivated by the fight against terrorism, which is doubtful, it has been largely counterproductive, because far from combating it, it has, on the contrary, largely fed it.


“This jihadist terrorism is the product of imperialist wars and order. Who can deny that it was the destruction of Iraq by the American army that enabled Islamist gangs to flourish in the region? Intellectual honesty also means recognizing that, following the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, some of these gangs were manufactured and financed by Saudi Arabia, and supported by American imperialism.”

Nathalie Arthaud, Communist, revolutionary, internationalist!, The right characters, 2022.



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  • Argument forThe religious radicalism of jihadists serves as a selling point to populations suffering imperialist barbarism.

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