It's the bosses who take advantage of migrants to increase exploitation.

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Keywords: Migrants, Immigration, Undocumented workers, Labor, Low wages, Competition, Employers[ edit ].



“The employers of undocumented workers are sometimes small-time margoulins providing services for larger companies, in cleaning or security. But they are also big companies like KFC or Buffalo Grill, where 15% of employees were undocumented before the strike. Or the big construction companies, Vinci, Bouygues and Eiffage, who cascade subcontracting across all their sites, enabling them to hire undocumented workers while washing their hands of the consequences. They are the ones who cheat the law, but it's the workers who are punished. While 30,000 workers are deported every year for lack of a valid residence permit, fewer than 1,500 employers are charged with "offences relating to the employment of foreigners without a residence permit". When they are convicted, which is rare, they sometimes pay a fine... but they are never deported!”

Lutte ouvrière, “Immigration in a Europe in crisis”, Leon Trotsky Circle, 24/01/2014.



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