It's by sharply limiting migratory flows that we'll achieve integration and drive back the extreme right.

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“We need to return to a clear discourse on immigration: criticism of immigration processes stops where stigmatization of immigrants begins. Without stigmatization, regulation can and must be recommended. This is a necessary condition for uniting an atomized electorate, divided and sterilized in abstention or the protest vote. Those who focus on the working classes must succeed in putting forward a discourse that highlights the competition between different waves of immigration, supported by a capitalist policy led by the CAC40 and the European Commission. Problems linked to poverty, unemployment and integration cannot be solved if new arrivals persist, making previous immigrants ever more precarious and preventing their children from gaining access to professional opportunities. Welcoming immigrants with few or no qualifications means condemning many of those who have already arrived to poverty. The OECD shows us that it takes 6 generations to get out of poverty in France today, i.e. 180 years! Let's not be fooled, and let's analyze the opinion polls, which confirm study after study that a large majority of French people want to reduce immigration without rejecting the reception of political refugees. To counter the vote for the extreme right, we need to tackle the causes that motivate this vote, while not accepting any form of xenophobia. Immigrants are not responsible; they are victims of the system that brings them to our shores. A policy of slowing migratory flows must go hand in hand with solidarity between nationals and immigrants. A new paradigm needs to be found, and the heritage of the workers' movement is invaluable in countering the dominant discourse that condemns us to a dead end.”

Author not entered, “Immigration and employers, a history of French politics”, Le Monde moderne, 1/07/2021.


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  • Argument againstThe migration crisis alone does not explain the success of the far right
  • Argument againstPutting a country back on its feet doesn't happen overnight
  • Argument againstThe far right is itself partly responsible for the migration crisis

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