Even if matter is no longer represented as it was in the classical age, this does not mean that it was created by God.

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
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“The second strategy is the equally well-known one of simplification. This is particularly the case when authors evoke the notion of materialism, but by emptying it of its history and diminishing the scope of its definition, which is, let's not forget, to enable us to access the objectifiable reality of established facts, to reject the old dualism that religions revel in - that of soul and body - and, above all, to conceive of nature outside all metaphysical speculation. As everything is matter, there is no limit to the investigation of reality, and above all to the discovery of the real causes of phenomena and the forces at work in nature.”

Jean-François Bert, Adrien Miqueu, “"God is dead!" But concordism never stops resurrecting him”, Zilsel, january 2022.


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