Capitalism is responsible for the misery, violence and instability of the so-called "Third World".

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De facto colonization did not end with official decolonization. Western interference and plunder of the Third World continues, just as contemporary racism is largely influenced by the colonialist ideology of yesteryear.


“Deprived of its colonial empire, the French state continued to intervene militarily in Africa, from Chad to Mauritania, via the Central African Republic and many other countries. Under the pretext of saving populations, the aim was always to maintain control over the wealth plundered by Total and Bolloré. And so much the worse if this resulted in bloody military interventions to support or install in power the worst "friendly" dictators. As for the intervention in Mali, which was supposed to protect the population from the atrocities of terrorists, it only served to strengthen the jihadists while reinforcing the domination of corrupt regimes.”

Author not entered, “Against Putin and the imperialist warmongers”, Lutte ouvrière, 09/03/2022.



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