Welcoming migrants is a first step towards building a Euro-Mediterranean geopolitical entity

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Argument forThis argument is a justification of Welcoming migrants is good for European economies.
Keywords: Migrants, Borders, Reception, Immigration, Demography, Economic recovery[ edit ].


By creating a Europe-North Africa or even Africa geopolitical entity in the long term, Europe will gain access to the riches it does not have (oil, gas, youth, vitality) and will constitute a powerful geopolitical entity, capable of speaking on an equal footing with giants such as China or the USA.


“Returning to the very reasons why Dominique Strauss-Kahn believes a united Europe is essential, he explains that globalization makes a strong European space essential, one that is not subservient to the United States. "To survive among the giants, Europe will have to regroup all the territories between the ice of the North, the snows of the Urals and the sands of the South. In other words, we need to rediscover our origins and, in a few decades' time, see the Mediterranean as our inland sea", says DSK.”

Ryad Ouslimani, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, “Greek crisis: for DSK, the agreement is "harmful, almost mortifying".”, RTL, 18/07/2015.


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