Welcoming migrants is good for European economies

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Argument forThis argument is a “pro” argument in the debate Should we accept immigration?.
Keywords: Immigration, Demography, Economic recovery, Migrants, Europe[ edit ].




Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forMigrants work in jobs that Europeans don't want to fill
  • Argument forMigrants are an inexpensive source of labor for companies
  • Argument forMigrants will boost Europe's demographics
  • Argument forWelcoming migrants is a first step towards building a Euro-Mediterranean geopolitical entity
  • Argument forMigrants will pay for pensions
  • Argument forThanks to migrants, business is picking up
  • Argument forThe economic benefits of immigration can be measured in GDP

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstA significant proportion of migrants are unemployed
  • Argument againstWith automation and artificial intelligence, unemployment will rise in Europe, and we certainly don't need any migrants.
  • Argument againstLarge-scale migration signals the end of the European social model

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