We can't close the borders

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Argument forThis argument is a justification of We can't stop immigration.
Keywords: Migrants, Borders, Welcome, Immigration, Sense of History[ edit ].


It's impossible to close Europe's borders: that would mean blocking off the entire Mediterranean, ports, land, etc. This would require very costly surveillance and control resources. This would involve very costly surveillance and control resources, and the introduction of a police-style attitude throughout Europe (card-indexing, DNA testing, etc.).


“We know that 90% of rejected asylum seekers remain in France. [...] We also know that, despite what politicians on both the left and the right claim, the phrase "those who don't have their papers should return to their country" is just window-dressing, since it is impossible, without becoming a police state, to carry out gigantic roundups all over the country to apprehend tens of thousands of illegal immigrants with their families and the ties they have created over time in France, place them in cramped holding centers and then send them "back home". A "home" which, for children often born in France, never was. Let's face it: once migrants have set foot in Europe and don't want to return home voluntarily, the vast majority are here to stay.”



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  • Argument againstIt's a question of political will (Australia, Japan).

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