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Wikidebates logo on the right, pictograms of pros and cons topics on the left
  1. Wikidebates is an encyclopedia of debates of which the primary objective is to help form educated and rational opinions, i.e. formed after examining “pro” and “con” arguments.
  2. Wikidebates thus helps form enlightened minds, able to exercise critical thinking. This is one of the essential conditions to a democratic society’s well-being, a democracy founded upon citizen engagement and debate of political propositions.
  3. Beyond this objective, a tool like Wikidebates purposes to propagate a method, a way of presenting or exhibiting debates for personal acquisition. It is thus an instrument to accompany debates of all kinds. Its use can only help to improve the quality of everyday debates, from everyday conversations to essential collective public ones.
  4. To reach this goal, the encyclopedia’s format and language must be as accessible as possible. Wikidebates purposes to be perceived as a tool for all audiences, therefore allowing as many people as possible to feel comfortable with all topics, especially those often viewed as “too complex” by many.

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