Presenting the ultra-right as anti-capitalist and anti-globalist is a sham

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“Mme Le Pen, we've never had much doubt about the reactionary and profoundly anti-humanist breeding ground of your political thinking, but with your words you've just exposed the very essence of the Front National: embodying Capital's watchdog.' A dog trained to bark at any movement that promotes equality and social justice, surfing on any confusion to keep the citizen away from any kind of complex political reflection. The raison d'être of your political inspiration has been and remains "the last joker in the pack to maintain the interests of the powerful".”

Author not entered, “An "Islamo-trotskyist" responds to Marine Le Pen”, Mr. Globalization, September 10, 2017.



Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forCapitalism is the ultraright's best ally
  • Argument forAmong ultra-right-wing sympathizers, there are some very wealthy people, who are by definition friends of capitalism.
  • Argument forThe ultra-right has benefited greatly from globalization
  • Argument forFar right supports pro-business parties
  • Argument forThe RN serves the rich
  • Argument forThe far right has always cloaked itself in an anti-capitalist veneer.
  • Argument forThe far right is so little anti-globalist that it condemns true anti-globalists to the flames.
  • Argument forBy stirring up the "woke question", the far right makes itself the useful idiot of the powerful it claims to be fighting.
  • Argument forBy demonizing migrants, the far right serves the interests of big business
  • Argument forThe far right is a historic ally of the bourgeoisie
  • Argument forThe far-right wraps itself in an anti-capitalist veneer to obscure its true ideology

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstConfusing "ultra-right" with "sovereigntists" or "nationalists" is a category error.
  • Argument againstBy definition, nationalists and sovereignists like Marine Le Pen or Zemmour are opposed to the ravages of globalization.
  • Argument againstThe left still hasn't understood that it often plays into the hands of liberal globalists, as Michéa has shown.
  • Argument againstThe far right is anti-liberal and at war with capitalist regimes (hence the alliances of the Russian CP and the Nazis).

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