Many allegations of censorship are fake news

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The far right likes to say it's censored to attract sympathy, even if it means inventing censorship that doesn't exist.


“Contrary to some speculation, Disney+ has not censored the studio's classic films. Racism and sexism are on the program, with a warning: "This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural representations".

For several months, information had been circulating about the possible censorship of certain passages from old Disney classics. According to the sources behind these theories, films or cartoons would have been shortened to remove scenes containing offensive or inappropriate messages. In the end, such censorship does not appear to be on the agenda, as initial testimonials from subscribers across the Atlantic confirm that the films concerned are intact and have not been edited.

However, some media were reporting that entire passages had been deleted. In the famous cartoon Dumbo, for example, the character of Jim Crow is said to have been completely eliminated, due to his racist nature. Comments in Toy Story 2 deemed too sexist were also deleted. These revelations provoked very mixed reactions among Disney fans. Some welcomed the move, while others were disappointed not to find their favorite films in their original version.

Was this information simply unfounded speculation, or has Disney changed its mind? It's impossible to say. In any case, we now know that no censorship was applied. Instead of cutting the scenes in question, Disney merely issued the following warning message: " This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural representations. This note accompanies the descriptions of several classics such as Dumbo, Beauty and the Tramp or The Jungle Book. This type of warning had also already been used with several older Disney cartoons released more recently on DVD.

The only feature film missing from the catalog is Melodie du Sud, from 1976. This film has long been criticized for its racist depictions of African-Americans, and has never been released on VHS or DVD in the USA.”

Lauriane Gagnard, “Disney+: racism, sexism, classic films have not been censored”, Tom's guide, November 13, 2019.



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  • Argument againstAt French universities, cases of censorship in the name of wokism are multiplying.
  • Argument againstThe wokes extol the virtues of censorship, then are surprised to be accused of "censoring" such and such content or speaker at a university; they should assume that they like to censor others.

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