Wanting to preserve one's culture and way of life is not racism

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Argument againstThis argument is a “con” argument in the debate Does being on the left necessarily mean being in favor of mass immigration?.
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“The number of immigrants in France is already high, sometimes even in the majority, especially in the working-class neighborhoods of large, working-class cities, and this creates a problem in these places that cannot be denied without ultimately playing into the hands of the far-right, whether we like it or not (see what's happening in Trappes, to give just one example). Even some of my lifelong communist intellectual friends tell me so, without anger but with a touch of disenchantment when they live there. So what's the problem? Quite simply, a cultural divide with the "indigenous" workers, who don't recognize themselves in any culture other than their own, especially when this culture is often proselytized against a backdrop of religious sectarianism. My question is quite simply: why is this incomprehensible and racist? On a personal level (and I'll leave aside the death threat I received in public), the sight of Muslim women heavily covered up while their husbands are scantily clad both saddens and pities me. My feminism makes me uncomfortable, and I resent these husbands on the moral grounds that I must respect women. And having once wanted to talk to them (I'm a man of dialogue) I was insulted in unbearable macho terms! I was stunned!”

Yvon Quiniou, “The difficult problem of immigration”, Mediapart blog, 1/06/2021.


Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forSome "anti-migrants" have noted the difficulties of integration and want to stop immigration on the basis of experience.
  • Argument forNotable figures who want to limit or halt immigration are of non-European origin, so we can't suspect them of racism.
  • Argument forAnti-migrants are called "racists" for the sake of globalist propaganda
  • Argument forMigration is an effective way for the far right to win votes

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstThe desire to preserve a fantasized "identity" is typically extreme right-wing.
  • Argument againstImmigration does not threaten French culture but brings new cultural riches
  • Argument againstFear of losing one's identity is the main motive for racism
  • Argument againstFrench culture is criminal, not worth preserving

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