The universe is contingent

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
Argument againstThis argument is an objection to God is the first cause of the universe.
Keywords: Cosmological argument, First cause, God, Contingency[ edit ].


Sartre's reasoning: if the universe finds its raison d'être in a necessary being, then it must be necessary. But the universe is contingent. So God, a necessary being, did not create the universe.


“It is necessary that there be something and not nothing, because it is necessarily contingent that there be something and not something else. The necessity of the contingency of being imposes the necessary existence of contingent being.”

Quentin Meillassoux, After finitude, p.103, Le Seuil, Paris, 2006.


Arguments forJustifications

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstIf the universe has no cause, then it is not necessary for it to exist.
  • Argument againstThe need for something to exist presupposes the existence of God
  • Argument againstThe reasoning that a necessary being can only give rise to a necessary universe confuses logical implication with causal link.
  • Argument againstA necessary being can only give rise to a contingent universe

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