The left has contributed to xenophobic discourse and policies

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“The right and extreme right were the first to condemn immigration. But the left has also been instrumental in pointing the finger at immigrants. In 1980, when the PCF was campaigning against immigration, the PCF mayor's office in Vitry-sur-Seine carried out a heavy-handed intervention against a hostel where 300 Malians had just moved in. As early as 1984, Prime Minister Fabius asserted that the FN was "giving the wrong answers to the right questions". In 1990, Rocard unleashed a little phrase that has gone down in history. The following year, his successor, Édith Cresson, introduced charter flights to deport illegal immigrants. And from Jospin to Valls, the left has moved further and further to the right on this issue, both in its speeches and in its measures, complicating the situation of undocumented immigrants in particular. Macron has followed suit, setting ever higher targets for deportations. The governmental left therefore has a responsibility in this reactionary evolution.”

Nathalie Arthaud, Communist, revolutionary, internationalist!, The right characters, 2022.



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