The existence of evil contributes to the simplicity of our universe

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
Argument forThis argument is a justification of Evil contributes to a greater good.
Keywords: God, Evil, Suffering, Simplicity, Universe, Theodicy[ edit ].



“God could undoubtedly have made a more perfect world than the one we live in. He could, for example, have made the rain that makes the earth fertile fall more regularly on ploughed land than on the sea, where it is not so necessary. But to make this world more perfect, he would have had to change the simplicity of its ways, and to multiply the laws of communication of the movements by which our world subsists; and then there would no longer have been between God's action and his work that proportion which is necessary to determine an infinitely wise being to act, or at least there would not have been the same proportion between God's action and this so perfect world, as between the laws of nature and the world we inhabit. For our world, however imperfect we may imagine it, is founded on laws of motion so simple and natural that it is perfectly worthy of the infinite wisdom of its author.”

Malebranche, A treatise on nature and grace, 1680.


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