The concept of God is a human invention

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
Argument forThis argument is a justification of God is an invention.
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“All religions, with their gods, demi-gods, prophets, messiahs and saints, have been created by the credulous imagination of men, not yet fully developed and in possession of their intellectual faculties; consequently, the religious sky is nothing more than a mirage in which man, exalted by ignorance and faith, finds his own image, but enlarged and reversed, in other words, divinized. The history of religions - the birth, greatness and decline of the gods that have succeeded one another in human belief - is therefore nothing but the development of man's intelligence and collective consciousness. As, in their historically progressive march, they discovered, either in themselves or in external nature, some strength, quality or even great defect, they attributed them to their gods, after having exaggerated them, enlarged them beyond measure, as children usually do, by an act of their religious fantasy. Thanks to this modesty and pious generosity of believing and gullible men, heaven was enriched by the spoils of earth, and, as a necessary consequence, the richer heaven became, the more miserable humanity and the earth became. Once the divinity was established, it was naturally proclaimed the cause, the reason, the arbitrator and the absolute dispenser of all things: the world was no longer nothing, it was everything; and man, its true creator, having unwittingly drawn it out of nothing, knelt before it, adored it and proclaimed himself its creature and slave.”

Bakunin, God and the State, 1882.


  • Pascal Boyer, Et l'homme créa les dieux, Folio, 15 janvier 2003.

Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forGod is too human not to be a creation of Man
  • Argument forGod responds too much to our desires for him not to be a human invention.
  • Argument forGod is an idea created by man, whose genealogy can be traced back to
  • Argument forGod is an extrapolation of effects onto cause
  • Argument forThe representation of God comes from a pre-scientific era
  • Argument forBible stories are self-contradictory

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstGod can be found in all civilizations, in different places and at different times.
  • Argument againstHumanity has a mysterious need for transcendence

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