The Fatima phenomena are a parhelia

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
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“The most plausible physical explanations, however, have to do with parhelion phenomena, optical effects relating to the sun, produced by the refraction of its rays in the atmosphere. Everyone has seen a halo: a luminous ring around the sun or moon. Less well known are "false suns". These are luminous spots in the vicinity of the sun. These spots don't always attract attention, but they can sometimes be as bright as the sun itself. False suns can be of various colors, even blue. Halos and false suns are usually found at some distance from the sun, but some circles are smaller. Another phenomenon is a ring around the sun, which can occur when the sun shines through a cloud.”

Author not entered, “"The miracle of the sun", Bolloré & Bonnasies' argument for the God of Catholics”, Mediapart blog, 31/12/2021.


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  • Argument againstThe Fatima witnesses stared at the sun without suffering any after-effects, which shows that the phenomenon is not natural.

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