Science explains the order and complexity of the world

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
Keywords: Teleological Argument, God, Complexity, Science[ edit ].



“In today's science, there's no longer any need for the hypothesis that Laplace did without, or for the metaphysical "little words" that Goethe mocked. We can already read the book of Nature, including the development of organic life and humanity, without recourse to a creator, a mystical "vital force" or an immortal soul, and without consulting Hegel's trilogy, or hiding our ignorance behind any metaphysical symbols, which we ourselves would have endowed with real existence. Mechanical" phenomena - becoming more and more complicated as we move from physics to the facts of life, but always remaining mechanical - suffice to explain the whole of Nature, and the organic, intellectual and social life we are discovering.”

Kropotkin, Modern science and anarchy, 1913.


Arguments forJustifications

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  • Argument againstScience will never be able to explain certain fundamental phenomena such as life or consciousness.

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