Rejection of immigrants is caused by racism

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Argument forThis argument is a “pro” argument in the debate Does being on the left necessarily mean being in favor of mass immigration?.
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“On February 19, 9 people were shot dead by a 43-year-old far-right sympathizer who felt it was necessary to "exterminate certain peoples whose expulsion from Germany is no longer possible". PTB president Peter Mertens reacted: "My thoughts are with the victims and their families. Racism is a crime. Racism leads to murder."”

Peter Mertens, “Right-wing extremist attack in Hanau (Germany): racism leads to murder”, Belgian Labour Party, February 20, 2020.


Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forImmigration strangely ceases to be a problem when migrants are white

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstMany Maghreb countries reject immigration, but we don't accuse them of racism
  • Argument againstThe rejection of immigration is due to the economic situation, not to pseudo-racism.
  • Argument againstNotable figures who want to limit or halt immigration are of non-European origin, so we can't suspect them of racism.

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