Miracles attest to God's direct intervention

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
Argument forThis argument is a justification of There are divine interventions.
Keywords: God, Miracles, Paranormal, Parapsychology, Supernatural, Laws of nature[ edit ].


The question of miracles has not been relegated to the distant past, the prehistory of rational thought. Even today, some philosophers in the analytical field debate the issue; an organization like the Bureau Médical de Lourdes, bringing together Catholic doctors and non-believers, examines factual records of people cured in ways that are difficult to explain at Lourdes. Recent history also includes testimonies of people who lived "without eating" for decades (e.g. Thérèse Neuman). Testimonies of unexplained phenomena abounded around Padre Pio in Italy. So it's important to know if there are any "miracles" that would attest to the existence of God.


“Would a chapter on miracles be out of place in a book that invites rational reflection? The question is generally repugnant to intellectuals and scientists. Yet the question of miracles can and should be approached rationally. We all believe that the Universe is logical, that everything in it can be explained and that it is governed by universal, immutable laws. Therefore, a clear violation of these laws, with no possible alternative, must lead a rational mind to adopt the simplest explanation: the existence of an all-powerful god, the only one capable of performing such a prodigy. The option of positing the impossibility of a miracle, because a priori God does not exist, is not a rational one.”

Michel-Yves Bolloré, Olivier Bonnassies, God, science, evidence: the dawn of a revolution, Guy Trédaniel, 2021.



Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forThe resurrection of Christ
  • Argument forHistory of levitation
  • Argument forMiraculous healings
  • Argument forThe miracle of Fatima
  • Argument forBilocations
  • Argument forFloods

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstJust because an event is scientifically unexplained doesn't mean it proves the existence of God (Appeal to ignorance)
  • Argument againstClaims of divine intervention are based on unreliable evidence
  • Argument againstSo-called miracles are based on fraudulent experiments
  • Argument againstSo-called miracles are illusions of the human brain
  • Argument againstMiracles are rare natural phenomena that can be explained by science.
  • Argument againstMiracles are paranormal phenomena that do not imply the existence of God.
  • Argument againstArguments in favor of miracles are always more improbable than rational explanations.
  • Argument againstSo-called miracles have a rational explanation
  • Argument againstThe "miracle" label is merely a sign of the inadequacy of scientific knowledge.

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