It's not true, most migrants are fleeing war

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“This is the other recurring discourse on migrants. Those fleeing war are said to represent only a minority.

"The reality is that the vast majority of these people come for economic reasons!" #BourdinDirect - MLP_officiel (@Marine Le Pen) [1]

Or, that's not true. According to the same UNHCR figures, Syrians, thus coming from a country in the throes of one of the most violent civil wars, alone accounted for 54% of migrants crossing the Mediterranean in 2015. The second most represented nationality was Afghans, a country also in the throes of civil war (13%), followed by Eritreans, from a state under totalitarian dictatorship (7%), then Iraqis, also at war (3%), Nigerians, whose country suffers regular massacres by groups like Boko Haram (3%), Somalia, a country in an advanced state of decomposition (2%)....”

Author not entered, “Are all migrants men?”, Le Monde, 24/09/2015.



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