In Germany, a radical left-wing movement is critical of mass immigration

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“It's not even a party: it's a movement within a party. It's not even in France: it's in Germany. And yet, the launch of Aufstehen at the beginning of this month received a great deal of media coverage in Germany. This is because the way it is presented is akin to an oxymoron: "a left-wing anti-immigration movement". Aufstehen (translated as Stand Up) is hosted by Die Linke (translated as The Left). Its president, Sarah Wagenknecht, calls for an end to the "good conscience" about immigration. An open border for all is naïve", she says, "more economic migrants means more competition for jobs in low-wage activities".”

Author not entered, “Is the left uncomfortable with immigration?”, France Culture, 13/09/2018.


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