Human existence is an epiphenomenon in the universe

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The universe is "basically" empty, with a few drops of oriented life and evolution in an ocean of nonsense.

From the more or less empty immensity of the universe, the fact that there is oriented evolution on Earth does not prove that the universe is oriented. This is a mere artefact in a defined (small) place.

So, if there is a God, why did he create such a vast universe, unpopulated by conscious beings? There's an obvious disproportion between the size of the universe and the purpose attributed to God.

   The universe comprises billions of galaxies
   Life, consciousness and religion only exist on a tiny planet
   The idea of God corresponds to a universe reduced to the solar system; it makes no sense in the temporal and spatial dimensions of our universe.
   We're faced with a problem that the ancients didn't have. There's nothing in the Bible or in the Church's baggage to provide us with a satisfactory answer to the question of tyranosaurs, how long they existed, or what the meaning or raison d'être of such a situation might be, assuming that the theory isn't far wrong.
What is proposed among scientists, those bent on the study of the earth's very ancient epochs, is of little use to the life of faith. Worse still, the result is a kind of natural history of the world that renders incomprehensible a biblical scenario such as humanity being God's most cherished project.



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  • Argument againstThe universe reveals God's infinite greatness
  • Argument againstThe universe performs functions in the divine plan
  • Argument againstThere are other forms of consciousness in the universe

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