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Help section:Correcting an incomplete argument title


Intermediate Level

Has an "Incomplete Title" banner appeared for an argument you've entered? Read this page to find out why and how to correct this title.

What is an incomplete title?

On Wikidebates, each argument has a page containing the data relevant to this argument: summary, citations, references, etc.

In order to be found easily, an argument page must have a title that gives a clear and precise idea of the argument. It should also uniquely identify the argument on the wiki.

Imagine you are searching for an argument and come across the title "Lower wages than men". Does this title give a clear and precise idea of the argument? No, because:

1.This title is not explicit enough to be understandable: for whom are wages lower? What is the complete sentence?

2.This title is ambiguous: are we talking about lower wages in all countries? In France? In Turkey?

For each of these reasons, this argument title needs to be completed.

Recommendations for a complete title

1. Formulate the title with a sentence

To be understandable, the title of an argument should be formulated with a complete sentence (without a period at the end, because it is a title).


Incomplete title Problem Complete title

Police violence Incomprehensible Numerous acts of police violence

are committed in France

Against pornography Incomprehensible Freedom of expression must be

limited to fight against pornography

Better living conditions Incomprehensible Basic income brings better living


2. Be specific

To avoid confusion, be specific. The title should stand on its own.

Avoid personal pronouns


Incomplete title Problem Complete title

He does not advocate the Who? Donald Trump does not superiority of a race advocate the superiority of a race

We are not in a democracy In which country ? France is not a democracy

Ukraine is not a member What of? Ukraine is not member of the

European Union

Avoid demonstrative pronouns and articles

Examples: Incomplete title Problem Complete title

This study is biased Which one? The 2003 study by the French

Institute for Public Health

Surveillance on household

incinerators in Reunion Island

is biased

It is a failure What is a failure? The fight against cannabis

trafficking in Spain is a failure

It contributes strongly to What contributes Intensive livestock farming

global warming to global warming? contributes strongly to

global warming

Specify proper nouns


Incomplete title Problem Complete title

Voting against George Bush George Bush Voting against George W Bush

was a protest vote senior or junior ? was a protest vote

The war was barbaric Which war ? The First World War was a barbaric

The actions of the Resistance What Resistance? The actions of the French

had no impact on the Allied Resistance had no impact

victory. on the Allied victory

Specify date and place, if applicable


Incomplete title Problem Complete title

The U.S. military budget was only When? In 1991, the U.S. military budget

was only twice that of Russia

The number of foreigners has Where? The number of foreigners in France

been stable for 20 years has been stable for 20 years

Tobacco consumption is no In which country ? Tobacco consumption has not

longer decreasing Since when? decreased in France since 2020

How to correct an incomplete title?

Naming the page of an argument with an incomplete title is problematic. On the other hand, when reading a debate, a short and punchy title may be more appropriate than the full page name.

You can use the full title as the page name and the incomplete title as the title to be displayed in the debate.

When an argument is used in a debate, it is always possible to display it under a different title. Use this feature to display the incomplete title instead of the page name.

Correcting an incomplete argument title is done in three steps:

1. Rename the argument page by writing a complete title

To rename the page, click on the "rename" button below the argument title.

Open this argument’s page. To do this, click on the "Detailed Page" link in the argument banner (if you are on a debate page), or enter the first few letters of the argument's title in the wiki search bar (at the top right of each page) and click on the argument's full name.

Click on the "rename" button under the page title (see attached screenshot).

Fill in the title and click on "Rename Page".

The argument page now has a clear and precise name. The "Incomplete Title" banner is no longer relevant.

2. Remove the "Incomplete Title" warning banner

Still on the argument page, click on the warning flag [ ] next to the "rename" button. A list of possible warnings appears.

Uncheck the "Incomplete title" box and click the “Save” button.

The warning banner has disappeared. All that is left to do is to use the incomplete title when displaying the argument in the debate.

3. Add a shorter or more appropriate title to be displayed


Let’s say you are on the debate page titled “Should we stop eating animals?” and want to display the argument “Eating animals is a major contributor to global warming” under the title "It is a major contributor to global warming" when this argument is used as a sub-argument of “Eating animals leads to intensive farming that causes many environmental problems”? Follow these steps:

Locate the “Eating Animals argument as a major contributor to global warming” in the debate. It is in a list of sub-arguments entitled "SUB-ARGUMENTS".

Click on the "edit" button next to the "SUB-ARGUMENTS" heading. The list of sub-arguments for “Eating Animals Leads to Intensive Livestock Farming that Causes Many Environmental Problems” appears in an edit form.

Enter the title "This is a major contributor to global warming" in the "Title to be displayed" field of the Eating animals is a major contributor to global warming argument, as in the screenshot above.

Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

The title that appears in the debate is now "This is a major contributor to global warming" (not "Eating animals is a major contributor to global warming").

The title of the argument page now has a clear and precise name, and the title displayed in the debate is more readable.

Congratulations, you have corrected an incomplete argument title!

What is the difference between the argument page name and the title to be displayed?

The argument page name should be as clear and precise as possible. It can be very long and not very readable.

On the other hand, the displayed title should be as conducive as possible to the reading of the debate. It can be short, yet understandable in the context of the debate page.