God is the cause of the existence of beings

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
Argument forThis argument is a justification of God is the first cause of the universe.
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We can easily see that all the things that make up the universe (all things measurable by science) contain within themselves limits of existence and other limits: they exist only under certain lengths, certain masses, colors, properties, for a certain duration. Even if we assume a universe without beginning or end, all the things that make it up have a beginning (such and such a human being, such and such a car, such and such a planet, such and such a tree, such and such a second, such and such a length, etc.).

But what is limited doesn't exist by itself, doesn't have its cause in itself, because if it did, it would have it perfectly and completely. For example, if something that makes up the universe had existence of its own, it could not not exist, because nothing could take away the existence it would give itself.

But what we don't have on our own, we have through another. Therefore, all things that make up the universe must receive existence from another. And since all the things that make up the universe do not exist by themselves, they cannot be the source of existence for other things.

So we must introduce a cause or source of existence that, having existence by itself, can give actual existence to all the things that make up the universe. We call this cause God.

Conclusion: God is nothing other than Being itself; his definition is to exist (he is he who is). Having existence itself, he gives actual existence (in every condition: at every instant so that a thing continues to exist at the next instant, in every place so that it continues to exist when passing from one place to another, etc.).



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  • Argument againstPrimordial energy is the stuff of which all beings are made; it exists on its own and does not need God to exist.

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