God explains the creation, adaptation and complexity of species

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Keywords: Teleological argument, God, Complexity, Darwinism[ edit ].


The theory of evolution, which assumes the creation of new organs by successive evolutions, doesn't work: in fact, organ embryos or transition types between two organs are not advantageous. Sudden jumps from one fully constituted organ to another are required for adaptive advantage. These sudden jumps remain unexplained. Have they been programmed by God?

Australian biologist Michael Denton spends a chapter of his book "Does evolution make sense?" studying the problem of the lobster's eye. In closely related races of crustaceans, there are two types of eye, each operating on a different optical principle. In the case of spiny lobsters, these are square visual units: they are composed of ocular units consisting of a tiny tube with a square cross-section, about twice as long as it is wide, and whose lateral faces are flat mirrors. Light rays are reflected by the lateral mirrors to converge on a single point on the retina. In the vast majority of crustaceans, eye units are round or hexagonal, based on the principle of refraction. There is no intermediate type between these eye types. And of course, there is no trace of fossils with this embryonic organ! In fact, it's hard to imagine what this transitional eye between the refractive and the refractive eye would be like "[...] so different are their respective arrangements in terms of geometry and optical function. The ocular unit of a transitional eye would have to be halfway between the hexagon and the square, halfway between the refracting lens and the reflecting surface, and yet possess the optical properties necessary for image formation."Template:Note.



Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forNature is too well-made not to have been created by God

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstThe creation, adaptation and complexity of species can be explained by the theory of natural selection
  • Argument againstSome cases of evolutionary leaps have already been explained
  • Argument againstGod is but the name of our ignorance
  • Argument againstSince God is seen as proof of the non-existence of evolution, he cannot serve as an explanation for it.

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