God created a morality independent of men

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Keywords: God, Morality[ edit ].


There is a moral law that cannot be explained by simple biology: human beings obey principles that do not correspond to their own interests, but to the Good. Instead of following their own immediate interest or pleasure, human beings can sacrifice themselves for others, protecting the sick or the elderly. These behaviors are part of a duty-to-be that does not correspond to any natural necessity. "Doing good" does not exist among animals. Man can extract himself from the natural given, from the struggle for survival, to imagine a "duty-to-be", a morality, a better world, which correspond to nothing in the natural world. This awareness of goodness and morality can only be explained by the fact that God has placed them within us.



Arguments forJustifications

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstMoral values are relative to a given society
  • Argument againstMoral values evolve over time
  • Argument againstMoral values are human creations
  • Argument againstMoral values are the result of evolution
  • Argument againstMoral values attributed to God are only a projection of our mind
  • Argument againstMorals may differ among followers of the same religion
  • Argument againstEven the church's morality isn't set in stone
  • Argument againstEvents interpreted as divine punishment are not consistent with alleged religious morality
  • Argument againstThe illusion of objective morality is just a tool of social control
  • Argument againstMorality independent of men does not prove the existence of God (Appeal to ignorance)

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