Femonationalists have no problem with Western sexism

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“[The RN and Reconquête] do not propose any concrete measures to combat sexual violence, and this fight is instrumentalized by saying that violence is perpetrated by foreigners, whereas all the figures show that the perpetrators of violence come from all social backgrounds. Éric Zemmour has also been accused of sexual assault by eight women; he's not the only one, but to have a president accused of such acts would be to spit in the faces of the victims.”

The Editor, “The Le Pen peril: an inventory of what she would inflict on society”, Mediapart, April 9, 2022.



Arguments forJustifications

  • Argument forWhen a white man commits a sexist attack, the femonationalists make excuses for him, even applaud him.
  • Argument forFemonationalists claim to defend women, but spit on all measures to combat sexism

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